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Groups & Parties

Contact Group Sales Manager Kelli Stein @ Kelli@BluegrassIndoorKarting.com or 502.297.9899 to build and schedule your event!


Formats below can accommodate up to 8 karts on the track at once. Please inquire about all group sizes! Full facility rentals are available for groups of 30 or more.

8-Minute Sessions as low as $12 per person
Compete against other drivers by having the fastest lap time. Groups over 8 can race tournament style by having the fastest drivers advance to additional rounds.

Sprint as low as $40 per person
Full race experience including an 8-minute Practice session, 5-minute Qualifier, and 12-minute Main race. All drivers compete in all 3 rounds with the overall champion being the person who wins the Main event!

Grand Prix as low as $30 per person + $200 for Top 8 Finals
All drivers participate in an 8-minute Practice session and 8-minute Qualifier. Only the top 8 fastest drivers advance to compete in a 5-minute Qualifier and 12-minute Main race with the overall champion being the person who wins the Main event!

Team Endurance Race as low as $35 per person
Have up to 8 teams of 6 drivers strategize and compete in a 1-hour race with driver changes! Whichever team completes the most laps in 1-hour wins!


All packages below are priced for 8 drivers. We can build a custom party for any group size, just contact us! All packages include specified race experience and party room time, 2 large single-topping pizzas, 8 soft drinks, and a kart tire to sign by participants.

All race experience times are approximate and include the following:

  • Driver registration complete with picture & waiver
  • Driver safety briefing & driving instruction class
  • Driver fitting with safety equipment and karts
  • Completion of specified group races, with breaks between rounds for multi-race packages
  • Distribution of race result printouts showing driver rankings & stats
  • Podium announcement & group picture opportunity
Junior 1-Race Package
$169 M-Th / $219 F-Su

45-minute Party Room use, 45-minute race experience (one 8-minute group race)
Junior 2-Race Package
$279 M-Th / $329 F-Su

1-hour Party Room use, 1-hour race experience (two 8-minute group races)
Adult 2-Race Package
$329 M-Th / $379 F-Su

1-hour Party Room use, 1-hour race experience (two 8-minute group races)
Adult 3-Race Package
$419 M-Th / $469 F-Su

2-hour Party Room use, 1.5-hour race experience (Sprint race package)


Upgrade your party package or group event with the following products:

$10 BIK T-Shirt
$15 Medals (1st, 2nd & 3rd place)
$30 Trophy Set Standard
$50 Trophy Set Deluxe (1st, 2nd & 3rd place)
$12 Additional Single-Topping Pizza
$6 Boneless Wings  
$1.50 Additional Soft Drinks
$3 Graeter's Ice Cream Cups 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding parties at Bluegrass Indoor Karting:

Q: Can I bring my own food in?
A: BIK does not allow any outside food or drink for any parties. This includes candy, ice cream, fast food, pizza, juice, or soft drinks. If you would like something not included with the party package, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Q: Can I bring a cake?
A: Yes, you can bring a cake for your birthday party as long as you have purchased one of our party packages that includes a Party Room. We do not allow cakes or other outside food or drink in our lobby area.

Q: The party packages are priced for a minimum of 8 drivers. If I have less than 8 drivers, can I still book a party?
A: Yes, you can still book any one of our party packages but the package pricing will remain the same. Any extra races included with the package but not used the day of the event can be kept on the party coordinator's account for future use. Please note if you do not have a full group of 8, BIK reserves the right to place other drivers in your race(s) to ensure the track is run at full capacity.

Q: Do you provide party supplies?
A: BIK provides paper plates, napkins, and plastic utensils (forks, spoons). We also provide table cloths for all the tables in your Party Room. Please inquire about special serving utensils.

Q: Can I bring decorations?
A: Outside decorations are not allowed, as our Party Room is already decorated with race-themed items. BIK does not allow any piñatas, confetti, glitter, or other arts and crafts projects during use of our Party Room. Any excessive mess resulting from the use of these items will result in an "Excessive Cleaning" charge added to your ticket.

Q: What else is there for guests to do?
A: We offer several arcade games in the lobby area and there is a spectator area for guests to watch other races and try to pick up some racing strategies.

Q: Do you have two-seater karts that I can drive with my younger kids?
A: No, BIK only offers single-seater karts.

Q: How many laps do they get?
A: Our races are 8-minute races in length. Junior drivers typically average 12-15 laps and Adult drivers typically average 15-18 laps on our 1/5 mile track for a total of 2-3 miles worth of racing.

Q: What if I have Adults attending a Junior party who want to race, or vice versa?
A: Our party packages are priced for Juniors OR Adults, but not a combination of both. However, we can offer any additional guests our group discount pricing in addition to the party package price ($13 for Juniors and $16 for Adults per 8-minute session). Please keep in mind Adults will race separate from Juniors for safety purposes.

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